Travel & Visa Information

Whether you are a new Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) student or a guest of a new or current student, this section contains information on passports and other required and/or helpful documents associated with moving to or visiting St. Kitts. Please read through the following information and email questions to  

New Students: Travel Plans & Arrivals

Passport Requirements

Visa Information

Pet Transport


New Students: Travel Plans and Arriving In St. Kitts

It is important to tell the St. Kitts Campus Living Office of your travel plans well in advance so that we can coordinate the activities of the orientation leaders who will greet you upon arrival.

Arrival Dates

Students are asked to arrive on the dates that are outlined in their Admissions enrollment letter. Arrange for a flight for one of these four dates only as housing will not be available beforehand. Please book your flight as soon as possible to assist the housing staff in the flight roster preparation.

If you have to change your travel plans at the last minute, you must let the St. Kitts Campus Living Office know of your new travel plans so that we can arrange to meet you at the airport. Please email with flight changes. Call 869-662-4695 with any delay information while en route.


The main airlines that service flights to St. Kitts include US Airways, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. US Airways has a direct flight from Charlotte, NC, every Saturday; Delta Airlines from Atlanta every Saturday (only in the season, so check with the airlines first); and American Airlines has direct flights from Miami and New York. There are also connecting flights from Puerto Rico and St. Maarten through their affiliates, Seaborne airlines and LIAT.

Meet Outside Customs

Be vigilant as you leave the customs area. Orientation leaders and professional staff will be available to assist you. The area is often crowded, so take a few minutes to look for the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine representative wearing a shirt with a RUSVM logo and holding a RUSVM placard. Do not leave the airport without making yourself known to these individuals. Bring something to eat and drink for your first night in St Kitts. Depending on your arrival time, stores may be closed.


The orientation leaders will take you to your accommodations. We are unable to transport family members who are not staying on the island with you during your studies as seating is limited. However, please let us know the number of people traveling with you in advance. If your family member(s) will be renting a car, please let us know in advance as well.

Orientation Week

Upon arrival, new students are greeted at the airport by professional staff from the Department of Housing and Orientation Leaders. Students receive a welcome packet, are transported with their luggage to their new island residence to settle in and are taken to grocery stores and other businesses. They are also given an island tour along with many social opportunities at beaches and restaurants to interact with other new students throughout the week.

The first two days of the orientation week include a One Stop event where both internal RUSVM offices and outside businesses are brought together in one location on campus to assist students with financial aid, health services, car purchases, insurance, driver’s licenses, cable TV options, etc. In addition to the formal sessions in ROLE (Ross Orientation and Leadership Experience) on life at RUSVM and in St. Kitts, safety and security, curriculum overview and leadership development, we partner with several local businesses to further introduce the island to new students. The orientation concludes with the White Coat Ceremony on the first day of classes.

As a way to continue to build strong relationships between new students and to offer additional opportunities for them to experience the island of St. Kitts, we provide a number of programs for Vet Prep and 1st Semester students throughout their first semester at RUSVM. Past programs have included the volcano and other hikes, self-defense seminars, big brother/sister ice cream social, first exam pizza event, Caribbean cooking class and food sampling, and cultural dinners.

RUSVM Family Specials

Always identify yourself as a RUSVM member and ask for a discount at local stores.


Special rates are offered at the following hotels for RUSVM family and visitors (must be booked directly, not through a travel agency; rates quoted subject to change).

Private Lodgings

Ocean View Doreen Tyson
Bed & Breakfast 
One mile from RUSVM

Also visit to learn more about St. Kitts & Nevis.

The St. Kitts Scenic Railway

"The Sugar Train" is offering RUSVM students (ID required), faculty, and family members the local rate of EC$120.00 to ride the new double deck trains. These luxurious railcars were built specifically for touring the island of St. Kitts on the tracks of the current working sugar trains. To make reservations,  call 869-465-7263, email, or visit and make sure you tell them we sent you.

Car Rental Offices in St. Kitts

  • Avis Rent A Car
  • C&C Economy Car Rental
  • G&L Car Rentals (rental for persons aged under 25 years)
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Bullseye Car Rental

Passport Requirements for United States and Canadian Citizens 

The US State Department has recently updated the information for travel documentation. Many countries no longer accept hospital-issued birth certificates as acceptable documentation.

Minors traveling outside of their country of residence without both parents/guardians may require additional documents. For additional details go to

Effective January 8, 2007, all nationals, including US citizens, will be required to hold a valid passport to enter the US by air. This also applies when coming from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. The new passport requirement mean that all travelers, including US citizens, who are departing the US and intend to re-enter the US, are required to hold a valid passport upon departure from the US.

Documentation Needed Upon Arrival in St. Kitts

Students need to bring their US or Canadian passport and their Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine acceptance immigration letter to present at Immigration upon arrival at the airport in St. Kitts. Please advise Adele Straun, Assistant Manager - Off-campus Housing, if you are traveling on another country's passport by emailing

Visa Information


For a legal extended stay in St. Kitts, you must have your passport stamped with a Student Visa. The government of St. Kitts, with Ross University School of Veterinary facilitating the process, will process the Student Visa prior to the expiration date of the stamp in your passport from when you first arrive. Immigration in St. Kitts usually allows 30 days when you enter the country for RUSVM to act. When you arrive in St. Kitts, you will need to present your immigration letter, a round-trip airline ticket (for e-tickets, a printout will suffice), and your passport. Your ticket must have a return date of no earlier than the end of the first semester or be open-ended. The semester ends for first semester students with their last exam on the Thursday of final exam week, and for Vet Prep students on the Monday of final exam week. Students are free to leave when exams are completed.


For your Student Visa stamp you will need to submit:

A round-trip airline ticket (paper or e-tickets are acceptable)

A valid passport from student’s home country - submit two notarized colored copies of your valid passport as you will need your passport to travel.

  • Be sure that your passport will not expire within the next six months

N.B. If passport is from countries other than US, Canada, or Great Britain, please contact Adele Straun at

One Passport photograph (2”x 2”). Student’s shoulders must be covered. No sleeveless shirts or low-cut blouses should be worn.

Original or Certified copy of documents listed below:

An original or certified copy of your birth certificate

  • Must be translated into English (if applicable)

An original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable)

An original or certified copy of a police certificate/affidavit (background check)

  • Obtained from the country/county/state where applicant lived for the last six months

Hepatitis B immunization records - 3 doses over a 6 month period.

  • If the student has never had the Hep B vaccine they can get a titer done.
  • If the student has had a Twinrix vaccine it will be accepted.

Polio vaccine – last Polio vaccine to have been taken at 6yrs of age (both the injectable and the oral). If never had the vaccine before, a Polio booster can be obtained.

VDRL/RPR test – the test result must not be older than 6 months.

TB test – the test result must not be older than 6 months. Chest x-ray reading only if Mantoux or PPD test is positive.

2 MMR vaccines – if no childhood Mumps, Measles or Rubella childhood immunization records – a booster can be taken of all three.

Completed Health Certificate document - be sure this is completed in its entirety, signed and stamped by your health care provider

Proof of funding

  • Proof of funding if by loans (printout from MyRoss page that shows the total amount of loans disbursed can be printed on campus)
  • Proof of funding if by personal arrangements – on official letterhead, a Statement of Means from your bank, chartered account, and/or wealth manager certifying your ability to cover all living expenses in the amount of a minimum of US$10,000 during your period of study addressed to the Minister of National Security (if the account is not in the student’s name, a supporting letter from the person whose name is on the account should be included)

Immigration letter (sent from NJ office 3 weeks prior)

Visa application fee ($150) will be billed to your student account

An application form for your student visa

All of the above documents, and one set of copies, should be placed into the pre-addressed
envelope and mailed to the NJ office for processing.


Children's Requirements

  • Children aged between 5 to 16 years attending the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Preparatory School will need a copy of their Immunization Certificate (required by the Ministry of Health) and a passport-sized photo. The cost for a student visa is EC$75.00 annually. The Preparatory School will submit all required information on your behalf.
  • Children under the age of five years will have their passports submitted with the parent attending the University for a Visitor Visa to be stamped in the travel document. There is no fee for this service. This request will be handled and submitted through the Housing Department, located in Tegreman 111.

RUSVM will liaise with the authorized St. Kitts government authority in the submission of your applications.

Children Preparatory School Attendance

  • (School Visas - this is done on a yearly basis).
  • Completed form (issued by prep school).
  • Immunization card (only for first time applicants).
  • Passport sized photo.
  • Cash or check made out for the required amount, and made payable to accountant general.
    Note: (EC$75.00 per application for school year any part thereof).

Adult Requirements (non-students)

  • Valid Passport.
  • Application form (available from the Off Campus Housing Office).
  • One passport-sized color photograph – shoulders must be covered. No sleeveless shirts or low cut shirts/blouses and no tank tops.
  • Original Police Certificate available from your local precinct or county sheriff’s office.
  • Copy of marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • Original airline/travel itinerary or electronic return ticket number.

The calculated amount of cash as determined by the officers taking the application (EC$55.00 per month for the first three months, then EC$75.00 thereafter).

All documents may be obtained from the Housing Department, located in Tegreman Hall 111. This office will submit applications to the Ministry of Homeland Security on your behalf.

Transporting Pets

American Eagle flies from San Juan and will only transport cabin pets to St. Kitts. US Air will take only cabin pets. AA will transport crated pets, with a combined weight of up to 99lbs. Amerijet transports live animals over 99lbs out of Miami International. Pet Limousine facilitates boarding and deliveries to Amerijet if required.

Please note that taking your pets home during semester breaks will be on an allocated system only as the 7th semester students moving off of St. Kitts have priority in booking flights for their pets. This is a professional courtesy that should be extended to them by other students.

To ensure you have all the necessary paperwork when bringing your pet, please read through all the information on Pet Information in this website and take care of the following: an import license issued by the CVO in St. Kitts, a USDA issued Health Certificate, and a 72-hour, vet-issued Heath Certificate with you when you reach your port of embarkation and disembarkation. Students bringing pets must have all their titers done and received by the St. Kitts government vet at least three weeks before arrival. The last minute issuance of Import Permits with students who have not had the titers drawn within the stipulated time frames will is not an accepted business practice as it compromises the entire Pet Import Protocol.